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Read - Heard - Viewed - Thought - by KVSS Nrao - Archive 2 - Up to 4.11.2011


India Today's yearender 2011 has some good interesting photo collection under various topics.

24.4.2012 (Indian Time) May bd 23.4.2012 US Time
Today is birth day of Gideon Sundback, Inventor of zipper. Google created doodle as a zip which when clicked showed search results for Gideon Sundback. Large number of people must have come to know of Gideon Sundback. An innovation from Google, that honors an inventor by making millions of people aware of him and think of him and learn something about him.

In two years and three months, page views increased by appx. 6 times, With the data on 13.10.2011 they are more than six times. Now I feel in the next three years, there can be 30 fold increase in page views. Presently Knol has estimated 10 million page views per month. It can go to 300 million or more. 300 million page views can give Knol a place in the Top 100 websites for sure.
 Month  Unique visitors  Visits  Page views
 September 2011  96,297
 June 2009  17,927

Poem on Steve Jobs

A legend in his designs
used flow of electrons
through internet highway
to capture music ebay.

Steve Jobs his name
Innumerable IJobs his fame
Ipads, Ipods, and Iphone
Lads and ladies' ears are sewn

Itune he made
Buy tune resulted
IMacs he made
Buy max resulted

Icloud he made
Goodbye he said
Body had cancer
From cloud he answered.

Narayana Rao
Steve Jobs 1955-2011, CEO, Apple Inc. - A Legend - Poem

News release database

India will have $450 billion as export target by 2014.


Decided to write actively on my first blog.
My first post on this blog was on 8 February 2006. Became a blogger. This first step is responsible for the entire journey of mine as an online writer so far.
The first post in my current attempt at active blogging this blog is on Author Platform.
To attempt mass marketing of a publication, you need to have a platform. Through blogging one can build it click by click. Students of journalism and media studies need to start blogging right from day 1 to build that platform which will come in handy when they become full time journalists.   pointed out by Sajid Khan in a Knol

Google Knol Home Page  - Unofficial Knol Home Page created today. If it is successful, some of its features can be included in the official Knol Home Page by Knol Designers.

My plan and wish for getting 10,000 daily page views for my online articles.

Areas of writing and expected page views

Management revision articles  -     2000
Industrial Engineering               -     1000
Equity Research                         -     1000
Research Methodology            -      1000
Knol books                                -       1000
IIT JEE                                        -       1000
Knol Directory and News       -        1000
Telugu YouTube                      -        1000
Vedas and Puranas                -        1000

Talent is nothing without focus and endurance
Haruki Murakami combined writing and running. I started writing after Marathon running.


Behind every successful man, there are tons of interesting stories.  From a Google plus post  by Sarah Siddiqui


Knol does contribute to Google. Knol is getting approximately 5 million visitors (unique). Google gets one billion. While the scope to increase to say 50 million is very much there, but 5 million is still a significant number.

A site on Entrepreneurship by a Professor - - the Entrepreneurial Mind
News Item in DNA - Navi Mumbai Editon Page 3 of 17.8.2011

Dismal thoughts by Paul Krugman


Friendship Day Greetings to all of you.

Argument pyramid
Share Google knols with specification Creative Commons on Blogs
Resharing by bloggers will make Knol popular and the concerned knol author popular. More visitors will come to Knol from various blogs. Promote resharing of knols.
To 50 Google+ persons with followers
How to build an audience on internet - Kevin Rose vs Fred Wilson
A book on stone tablets in temples - Theravada Buddhism - Kuthoda Pagoda, Mynmar
Top 15 branded Facebook page June 2011

Canada Day Greetings to Visitors and Knol Authors from Canada
Canada Day - 1 July

Writing online for making money


Scientific Research

Scientific research is asking why and coming out with an answer to an event in nature. The answer must be another event in nature - NRao (On Twitter on 26.6.2011)

What is industrial engineering? Going's Explanation in 1911

Crisis in Capitalist System and Marxian Analysis

Time to Promote Knol, Your Knols and Valuable and Useful Knols in Your Area

A Brief History of Corporation gives a maximum of 20,000 US visits per day. Can we assume that 200 countries put together Knol has 200,000 visits per day?
In my case, during the last 30 days total visits were 47,521 and visits from USA were 7,193. That gives the picture that total is approximately 7 times that of US visitors.

Blogosphere 12 June 2011  CBS News article
Knol a good idea to pursue. Even though many youtube videos have goog viewership. Many even though good do not have go visits. Even in online world, one distribution channel is not sufficient, You need multiple distribution outlets for an item or post to reach millions. Knol VideoPedia. will do that job. Salman Khan got millions in funding from Bill Gates and Google for producing more educational videos.  Knol can be a distribution channel for those videos.

Read about Salman Khan's video internet venture 

Embedding Youtube videos in Knol is easy. So video knols can be created. Why not Knol VideoPedia ?
Visit Knol VideoPedia.

Bin Laden Dead. Body in possession of US troops. Formal announcement shortly. BBC news item

President Barack Obama also announced the death of Bin Laden
updated 03.45 GMT 2nd May 2011

Policies of Happy Mutants regarding posts in websites
To be used in various knols
makes no guarantees or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of or results to be obtained from accessing and using information on our Websites. And we shall not be liable to any reader or anyone else for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause, in the Websites' information or for any damages resulting therefrom.

Comparing Blogs and Mainstream media, 2005 articles

Now available

Embedding Google Books

Google made it easy to embed in a site any book available at Google Book Search. You can add a fully-functional widget using this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

where you should replace GkCpLIk7aisC with the corresponding book ID, which can be obtained from the URL.


I am going to register two million page views for my articles in Blogs and Knol by end of April 2011. It is quiet exciting to reach this milestone and see a big opportunity to further improve this performance. Presently monthly page views are around 115,000 and within a year's time hope to reach 200,000 page views per month.

Google Crisis Response team activated Information related to the 2011 Earthquake in one hour and did lot of service

Bookmarking and Its Use in Search Engine Ranking - Role of Social Media - 2007 article
9 traits of successful bloggers.
Top 150 marketing blogs
Shopping Guides - Knol Books Catalogue  14 shopping guides to highlight the knols written on various shopping items.

Knol will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance starting at April 6, 2011 9:30:00 PM UTC+5:30. We expect the maintenance to be completed at April 6, 2011 11:30:00 PM UTC+5:30.

200 knol books posted
List of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.
List-2 of Knol Books by Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.

Recent judgment on fair use of content


Five points for effective online content

1. Write for educating the reader.
2. Bring a consistent voice and personality to your articles
3. Think and write good headlines
4. Keep the reader in mind and write for his benefit.
5. Keep SEO aspect in focus.

Knol has 25,000 interesting knols in English language.
Visit them through:  Knol Search Directory of Interesting Knols

Top 1000 websites and blogs according to Google Adwords data
Comparison of Knol with Wikipedia
Knol has to improve SEO.


Why New York Times is going Free Online
It got 18.5 million page views a day as reported in April 2005. But later it made it a paid site. Got 787,000 subscribers and at $1 per month per a subscriber got, $833,000 or $10million a year.


My Post on Knol Help Page

Popular Content on Knol

ABC analysis is a popular concept in product management, materials management and customer account management. It talks of A group of items contributing large sales, profits or expenses etc.

On Google Knol also there are A category of Knols. That is the popular content. There are at least 10,000 knols with 1000 page views or more on Knol in English language. In other languages there can another 10,000 knols making it a total of 20,000.

There can be 25,000 knols with 500 page views or more in English language and other languages may have another 25,000. Thus there can be 50,000 knols which have reader interest. But the Knol platform suffers from lack of marketing effort from Authors, Author groups and Knol managers. We need to recognize that Google will not do any marketing effort for individual knols or groups of knols and we only as authors have to come out with marketing plans.

Knol has many marketing specialists, in the area of internet marketing, online marketing, SEO, Social media. They have written many articles. They need to come forward and help Knol through some marketing plans for good content of Knol.

Wikipedia - A Key Tool for Global Public Health Promotion
Journal of Medical Internet Research
Interesting article. The issues highlighted in the article apply to  Knol also.
Many authors posted articles on Knol. But many of them have page view numbers in single or double digits. Why? This is because authors have not made attempts to distribute their articles to potential readers. Backlinks act as distribution and marketing outlets to online articles. Knol authors also have to make some marketing efforts and create backlinks.

9 rules of innovation from Google

Innovation, not instant perfection
Ideas come from everywhere
A license to pursue your dreams

Morph projects don't kill them

Share as much information as you can

Users, users, users

Data is apolitical
Creativity loves constraints
You're brilliant? We're hiring

16 Free Photo Websites


100,000 thousand page views in year

On Knol platform, at the moment only around 200 authors have 100,000 page views. I am doing an exercise of assembling 100 knol books and trying to promote them through twitter, blog and book marking sites. In this month, I may be able to get 10,000 page views. That means 100,000 page views in a year.

Knol does have traction and publishing features that help authors. While on a blogs, many reputed bloggers claim to create two blogs in a day by sparing an hour, on Knol which is an academic platform, two articles in a week can be posted say by spending two hours in a day. That way, 100 knols can be posted in year and 100,000 page views can be there for them in a year.

100 knols in a subject can be created, if knols are written for various concepts in the subject, and then examples, problems, solutions, case studies, field studies, book reviews, article summaries and reviews etc. are posted as separate knols in the subject.

Presently there are 4000 authors with knol medals for page views. If all of them can target 100,000 page views, Knol will be a flourishing platform. Certainly now, Knol is now stripped down version of the initial plan. But it need not remain so if authors make good use of current facilities and continue writing. The good content on knol is always coming up and spam is getting buried. An open platform will always have both.
The person who proposed knowl as a unit of knowledge - Bhekuzulu Khumalo
Knowl, Transdimensional Mathematics, Google and Freedom
18 .12 .2010
As a side note, Google has a program called Knol. It is a collection of people's knowledge on different topics. I searched the Knol database for Huckleberry Finn and found a four minute synopsis video of the novel done in Legos. It...was….awesome.  Dan Bruno

The comment may referring to this knol
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  By Melissa
While human beings are perishable, noble ideas are eternal.
(Inder Raj Ahluwalia in the article " The Eternal Guru", The Speaking Tree, Nov. 14, 2010 page 5)
The artilce is on Nanded (Maharashtra, India), Guru Govind Singh, and Guru Granth Sahib.
Powerful  Women Politicians - 2010
Conflict - Five steps to resolution
1. Affirm the relationship - The relationship with you is important to me. I shall be tolerate the uncomfort of some disagreements and the consequences of different actions rathers than the comfort of my sticking to my position and spoiling the relationship.
2. Seek to understand - Listen to the viewpoint of the other person.
3. Explain your position and thoughts.
4. Own responsibility by apologizing for the earlier disagreements.
5. Seek agreement for future course of action that explicitly recognizes the actions that are in line with positions that were in disagreement.
Accessed the blog though  twitter actions of  follow and follow.


Creativity, innovation, effort, perseverance and desire to succeed are required for success. Either you work alone or work in a  team, these inputs make all the difference. (Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia in a comment )

Knol platform is designed so that what you write can become a boomerang. Someone will read it sometime.  No guarantees that all read what you write, but I assure you most will know. ( Artur Landerzon Barrera Garcia  in a comment)
My thought: Online content is that way. Once you have written, it becomes public. It is there. It can boomerang.
Discussion (A poem) (Theme from a poem by Anonymous)
The discussion was done
I know not who won.
Which seized the stage?
Clarity or craze.
Who seized the stage?
Jealousy or rage.
What filled the stage?
Energy or age.
(KVSSNRao, 26.10.2010)

A Romanian 2010 Ph D thesis on Operations Management in Clothing Industry. Mentions Total Industrial Engineering. (Context: Presentation by Madura Clothing team in Lakshya 2010, NITIE last presentation in Operations Module)
(Can be translated into English part by part)

Top 40 Innovation Bloggers of 2010
Mitch Ditkoff, Jeffrey Phillips, Holly G. Green etc.
8 .10 .2010
Wisdom versus Knowledge
Operations management deals with processes - fundamental activities - that produce goods and services that organizations sell to earn revenue.
The term operations management refers to the systematic design, direction and control of processes that transform inputs into services and products for internal, as well as external customers.
Operations is one of several functions within an organization. Each of the functions identfied and organized as separate departments in an organization have their own knowledge, and skill areas, primary responsibilities, processes and decision domains. But, they are linked through processes and cross-functional coordination is essential to effective management and success of organizations.
(Operations Management by Krajewski, Ritzmann adn Malhotra, 8th Ed.)
"Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Nothing equals possibilities like unleashed thinking." William Arthur Ward (From a Twitter Message)
28 .9 .2010


Desperate Desire to Share Stories and Ideas

"I have read so much and found so much that I have this almost desperate desire to share these stories and ideas. And I use all the tools I have to express them."  Devdutt Pattanaik, a writer on Hindu Mythology and its relevance today in life and business.

In "The Mythologist", Mint, 18.9.2010, page L16


Five Tips For Leading Campaigns for  Change

Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Article from  HBR published in Mint on 25.8.2010 page 13
Memorable messages
Action tools and roles
Coalitions of partners
"Point of action" nudges
How to Build an A-Team from Day One
Ron Ashkenas
Article from HBR published in Mint on 25.8.2010 page 13
Refers book by Michael Watkins, Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at all Levels.
Important point in the article is the practice of pioneered GE - Assimilation session.
With the help of a facilitator (and without the new leader being present) the existing team members share first impressions of their new manager, along with their hopes, concerns, fears and questions. The facilitator organizes these into themes, which are then presented to the managers without attribution to any single person. The manager then engages in a dialogue with the team about the issues; and also shares his or her first impressions, expectations, hopes and concerns.
I personally feel, the new leaders himself can ask his associates to come out with their expectations and issues for the future. May anxieties and criticisms of the existing system can be asercertained using a facilitator.

Knol is thriving

As a Knol Author Foundation founder member, I answer any criticism of knol in social media immediately. I wrote this comment on
I do not agree that knol has gone bust.

Knol is thriving. There are many highly qualified and employed professionals writing actively on knol. There is very useful content which is accessed daily on it. As an author I know that my page views have doubled in the last one year. There are many authors whose page views have doubled in the last one year.

Yes we thought a million knols would be accumulated by this year end but it did not happen. It will take some more time as Google has not supported the platform actively in promoting knol writing.

We do accept that Google is not iterating enough to develop acceptable products and also it is not providing adequate followup support. Knol needs both of these and it has demonstrated its potential in attracting many professors and students. Knol is on its way to success. Unlike Wave, which many of us could not make sense of, Knol has number of groups working actively for the success of knol. Any other criticisms of knol are applicable all social media platforms and they are not special to knol.

We as a knol author association, Knol Author Foundation are working everyday for the success of knol. We invite online authors as well as others to come and write on knol and welcome all to access articles on knol in a large variety of subjects.


Today I had a second occasion to give reply defending knol and praising knol in social media.
"As an active knol author, I know knol from the day one it went public. For some time, we did not know what was happening, Slowly we came to know the news. After two years, we understand what is happening on knol by looking at knol counter that gives page views for knols on each article, from our Google Analytics data and our Adsense data.
Page views for our knol portfolios have gone by 100% in the last year. It happened for many knol authors. Many knol authors are highly qualified academically and working in responsible positions in academic institutions and companies. Every day up to 1000 new knols are being published. Knol is a success story with some delay. Yes wave could not be easily understood by many. It includes me also. But knol is well understood by many authors and readers. It is thriving."


Looks Like Even Google Forgot Knol


"Twitter is more like an information network or a source of news." Biz Stone, Co-founder of Twitter

Knol authors need to utilize this information network. My initiative is Twitters of K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao - Management and Industrial Engineering Professor

Internet is a creative avenue for stifled and jilted energies.  (Sunanda Poduwal, in "Is Broadband The New Broadcast?", The Economic Times, 10th July 2010, p.16).

The internet is the town square for the global village of tomorrow. (Bill Gates)


Blogging the best social media avenue

One Million Knol Library

21 June is world music day

Super twitter account

When would a knol author get such figures?

Very Useful Quote for Knol Authors at the moment

It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit. (Harry S Truman)

About Research in Business Schools
I wrote two comments on this blog post.

Valuation of Google Knol

$10 million on 20.5.2010
Valuation of Knol - Google's Wiki Article Platform

Friendship and Fighting

Friendship results in results but fighting results in fractures.

Plurality of Races and Religions

The Islamic scripture, the Quran, proclaims,. "O humanity, I have created you all from one man and one woman and spread you out into races and nations so that you recognize each other as members of one family. The only difference between you is the one God will make in the hereafter, based on your faith and behavior."

Millionaire Knoller

Narayana Rao K.V.S.S.  became the fourth millionaire knoller - 1,001,112 page views.
He became the third individual knol author and the first English language knol author to have one million cumulative page views. (15.4.2010)

War of Words: Between Authors

Read in Sunday Times, Page 4, Supplement to The Times of India, 4 April 2010
Some interesting statements.
A literary spat  is almost   like a bull-fight, where the authors attack anyone swinging a critical blow pitched at them.
Writers are somewhat overtly critical of each other's work.
Spats aren't irreversible.
We want our friends to do well, but not sell beyond that 'million' best seller list.
"Authors, they're all just jealous, bitchy backbiters."
An author's overwhelming success is often an open invitation to jealousy and pubic disapproval by other novelists.
Writers don't want to acknowledge or appreciate each others works.
Knol authors can keep these in mind and try to improve cooperation among them as knol is a social platform and many have to succeed for the platform to succeed.

An Interesting book on Gandhi

The lIfe of Mahatma Gandhi   by  Louis Fischer, an americal journalist who was in India at that time

English Language in the World

The people who can speak and read English in India total up to 125 million. That makes India the second country in the world in terms English understanding people.

The top 5 countries having English language people are:
USA: 263 million
India: 125 million
Nigeria: 79 million
UK: 60 million
Russia: 60 million

World Travel


Charles Veley is on a world tour. He has so far visited 814 of the 873 countries, islands, federations, republics, war zones and rebel states in the globe. He runs a web site most traveled people and the members of this website suggest new places for him and others to visit.

Directors to Notice: 10 Issues for 2010

Deloitte identifed the following 10 issues.

1. Risk Management
How risk-intelligent are you?

2. Strategy
Approaches for the new economic reality

3. Liquidity

4. Executive Compensation
Not just dollars and cents, but value
5. Financial Reporting
Mastering the new financial lingua franca

6. Succession Planning
How deep is your talent pool?

7. Shareholder Engagement
Getting engaged: New stakeholder relationships

8. Board Chair
Front and center: Role of the board chair
9. Board Composition
Building a better board
10. Board Assessments
Ramping up director effectiveness
Download Executive Summary of the Report from

Season's Greetings - Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Obama, The Spiritual Cave-Digger

Obama is compared to Buddhist monk who created Ajanta and Ellora caves in India over number of year without thinking of immediate results. Changes in society come over a long periods of time and initiators of change have to do their bit contribute to th flow of historical progress. 

Many knol writers have to take similar view. They create storehouses of knowledge which others use over a period of time to develop more powerful machines of knowledge that give very useful services to the people of the world.

Storehouse of knowledge - Machine of Knowledge


How to get traffic for your blog - By Seth Godin
How to protect your ideas in digital age?
Seth says don't protect share with others. Become somebody who can implement the ideas better.

Knol Marathon

Knol marathon has dynamic targets with identified subraces. 25,000 page views (pv), 50,000 pv, 100,000 pv are the begineers' races. 250,000 pv, 500,000 pv, 750,000 pv and 10,000,000 are advanced races. These targets keep getting extended as race progresses. Like in a marathon race, the people who finish the race at a point in time cheer for the other participants. The participants do take some rest, but their vehicles and animals keep moving in the race. It means the participation is always there, even though the actual person is sleeping on his animal or in his vehicle.
Presently the participants ahead include eHowKnol, a korean knol writer and Narayana Rao (myself). In this race everybody has an animal or a vehicle. Some are high quality animals and some are second hand vehicles. Some participants are students and some participants are professors. Some participants are cooks and some participants are kings. Like in a marathon conducted fairly, some cooks come ahead of some kings and kings have to manage their frustration.

Knol Knights and Knol Wisemen

Knol Knights hold the    K   badge given by knol
Top Viewed Author Award
Award given to knols or authors that have the highest pageviews.
Knol Wisemen have a Golden Sphere badge given by knol 
Top Pick Author Award
Award given to knols or authors that have the highest quality of work.

If Society is doomed, We are also doomed

This is the statement of business leaders and business school professors now. C.K. Prahalad, Management Guru associated with concepts like core competence and bottom of the period is now focusing on innovations in sustainability.

The internet may one day hold the library of all knowledge

but not while Wikipedia predominates, said Martin Cohen, a philosopher
Academics may create their own "wiki", on their own subjects and on their own terms. Indeed, it is already possible via resources such as said Martin Cohen.
It is now possible through google knol also.

Steps for Inserting Google Maps into Your Knol

 1) go to
2) search for some location (for example,  search for fisherman's wharf, san francisco, ca)
3) once location is found, click on "Link" in the right hand side of the page
4) copy the URL provided in the "Paste link in email or IM" field. It looks like this:'s+wharf,+san+francisco&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=62.314887,106.962891&

5) go to your knol, click on Insert > Map
6) paste the URL into the field that reads "Or paste a Google Maps link here"
7) click Select
8) click Save
Result: Map appears in your knol
From an answer from Knol Help

Per Capita Income of Chinese and Indians Will Be More Than That of British and Americans in July 2048.

Hans Rolsing, Professor of Global Health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute made prediction and presentation at TED India confernce, 2009

Hard Skill and Soft Skill

Doing something on your own is hard skill, acknowledging and appreciating achievements of others is soft skill.

1000 Active Knol Authors - 1000 Promotion Initiatives - 1000 Knol Brand Ambassadors

Knol is a social media initiative that provides knowledge articles. Its success depends on the authors. We need 1000 active knol authors who take up different initiatives to promote knol. All of them have to act as knol brand ambassadors and take knol into various corners of the world.
A book on which I made a post earlier  Market Rebels: How Activists Make or Break Radical Innovations makes me strongly appeal to all knol authors. Knol's success depends on your initiatives. Get into  action, make collaboration with other authors and take up an initiative around you to make knol more popular.
Knol Poetry Contest is an interesting initiative started by Spiros Kakos. It was received well by the knol authors and some poems were posted already. Other authors have to think of similar initiatives to bring more authors and visitors on to the knol platform.

Knol or HubPages Which is Better?

An article on hubpages by Lissie
Interesting to read
She wrote 127 hubs but only one knol till now. She is quite critical of adsense placement in knol.

Experience According to Buddism

According to Buddism, experience is made up of khandhas which consist of five interconnections. rupa or form, vedana or feeling, sanna or perception, sankhara (sanskara) or predisposition, vinnana or consciousness. Sankhara (sanskara), as habits and impulses, tend to modify our cognition, burdening it with the weight of past experience and association.

Google Remembers Mahatma Gandhi

2 October 2009


The google doodle exhibited on on 2 October 2009

Google Page Views are Going UP

Today (30.9.2009) I had the peak number of visitors to my knol articles. 829 per day. The top search words are knols industrial engineering Narayana Rao. Other authors are also experiencing increase in page views.
It is time knol authors get excited and put in efforts to improve their knols, write more knols and recruit more authors.

BFI+ and BFI-

Behavioral finance intelligence: BFI+
Behavioral finance ignorance: BFI-
What is the contribution of behavioral finance so far?
Has it questioned the assumption of rational economic man in economic model building? Has it developed ideas and techniques to improve decision making?
Has it developed some techniques to help BFI+  people to make more money out BFI- people? 

Stock Market Poems

Top 5 Knol Authors

Page Views as on 16.9.2009
Rank Name Last Active Cumulative page views Weekly page views Knols Knol collections
1 eHowKnol 26-Jun 601472 23025 595 58
2 손지훈 9-Aug 516185 17446 166
3 Kevin Spaulding 1-Sep 434990 3917 35
4 Narayana Rao K.V.S.S. 16-Sep 317163 13647 1462 105
5 Anonymous 289732 3631 56
Total  2159542 61666 2314 163
The present weekly page views indicate that they will get around 3.5 million page views for their existing knols. They will add more knols to their portfolio and certainly 5 million page views will come to their knols in the coming year.

Interesting Quotations

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.  ----------- Epicurus
The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. --------- Sven Goran Eriksson

Weekly Page Views of Knol

I tried to estimate the weekly page views of knol through a random sample of 50 top viewed knol authors. The weekly page views as on 6.9.2009 (US date) [7.9.2008 Indian date] were used for the purpose. The page view estimate of top 2500 authors come out to be one million. It will be good if it goes up to 1.5 million. Such an increase in page views requires active promotion of knols by knol authors themselves. They must promote their knols through sending emails, making blog posts, posting the links in orkut, facebook, twitter communities, by announcing their knols on various bulletin boards in knol, by including their knols in various directories, lists, portals, and collections in knol. 

Estimate of page views of top 800 knol authors

I made the estimate with the page view data on top viewed authors page for top 800 knol authors on 6.9.2009. The estimate comes to 21,472,085. The estimate compares favorably with estimate made from top viewed knols data.

The Gordon-Howell report of 1959 on Business Education

It is report on Business education. Business Week examines its impact on the occasion of 50 years from its publication. 

The Actor's Survival Handbook

Author(s) - Patrick Tucker, Christine Ozanne
Worried about short rehearsal time? Think that fluffing your lines will be the end of your career? Are you afraid you'll be typecast? Is there such a thing as acting too much? How should a stage actor adjust performance for a camera? And how should an actor behave backstage?

The Actor's Survival Handbook gives you answers to all these questions and many more. Written with verve and humor, this utterly essential tool speaks to every actor's deepest concerns. Drawing upon their years of experience on stage, backstage, and with the camera, Patrick Tucker and Christine Ozanne offer forthright advice on topics from breathing to props, commitment to learning lines, audience response to simply landing the job in the first place. The book is rich with examples - both technical and inspirational. And because a director and an actor won't always agree, the two writers sometimes even offer alternative responses to a dilemma, giving the reader both an actor's take and a director's take on a particular point.

Like Patrick Tucker's Secrets of Screen Acting, this new book is written with wit and passion, conveying the authors' powerful conviction that success is within every actor's grasp.
Came across the book as I was searching for details of computer science handbook by Tucker.
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