Thursday, April 26, 2012

500,000 Page Views per Day for Knol Platform - Possible Now 2011

500,000 Page Views per Day for Knol Platform - Possible Now 2011

500,000 Page Views per Day for Knol Platform - Possible Now 2011



500,000 Page Views per Day for Knol

Knol can have 500,000 page views per day and attain the top 1000 website status now. It has all the ingredients now in place.  Knol authors have to just inform online readers the existence of their knols.
A minimum step required now:

Write some thing about each of your knols on Twitter, Tumblr, Digg, Facebook, Google+ and Google Buzz and your blog. This single step can double weekly visitors on each of your knols. Try and share the results in comments on this page. We can discuss what we can do further to improve performance of our knols. Remember when you write on Twitter etc. some other authors can retweet them or reblog them increasing the results from your effort.

Specify Categories to all of your knols.

Knol can be made a top 1000 website by us (Knol authors)


Quantcast's Top 1000 list

Top 1000 website requires at least 4.1 million unique visitors per month.
Content on Knol
There are more than 600,000 knols
Top and Popular knols
Around 50,000 popular knols are on Knol

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Great Initiative But...

Hi Narayanagaaru,
No doubt its a great initiative to promote the knols thru different social web sites as you mentioned, i am here via Google buzz. BUT unfortunately Google's page view status is stand still since many months, is anybody there to note this. I mean at Google Knol, I think they are much on the new projects like the G+ etc, then what is the fun in promoting knols? LOL

P V Ariel - 21 Jul 2011

I know presently Google management is not showing any special interest in affairs of Knol. In the case of things like Knol, it is a relay race. Google supported the idea of Knol and gave us a platform. We liked it and started writing. As the growth was not adequate, the product was put into cost cutting mode. Some features were removed. But if we still take up Knol to a respectable level, Google management will come back. They are smart people. They will back a useful and popular product.

The first issue is whether 500,000 page views per day is a respectful number. If it is, whether we can achieve it? If we achieve it, we can definitely claim a big credit as authors, and appeal to Google management.. We develop the confidence, body language and personality to present our case. Even when the product was put on low cost mode we achieved. Every day I know my page view statistics. I know they are going up. For three years, they are doubling every year. This year also they will double. I know they are doubling up for more authors also.

The momentum is there. The traction is there. But I do understand the unhappiness of many of us.


Narayana Rao - 21 Jul 2011

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