Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Websites, Blogs, and Knol/Article Portfolios - Visitors and Page Views

Information about visitors and page views is of interest to persons thinking of developing web sites, blogs and writing knols and other articles. It will be of interest to persons developing video portfolios on sites like youtube, photo portfolios on sites like flickr etc.
While the details of top sites are easily available they may not be immediate interest to new entrepreneurs. They will be more interested in medium size or average web site information as they can plan to reach that level of performance within a reasonable period.


The average page views per visitor even for top blogs is less than two. A problogger article

Suggestions for increasing page views per visitor

Interesting answer the question of average visitors for blog
Number of suggestions to increase visitors to your blog are given.



Web Sites

Web site: Runners for life 
Visitors Average per day: 296
Page views Average per day: 1810
(As on 18.6.2009)
Website: Stock Image and Behavioral Finance
Average page views per month: 45,470 (2008 figures)


Autoblog collection
Visitors Average per day: 927,533
Page views Average per day: 1,279,089
(As on 18.6.2009)

Knol Portfolios

Weekly page views: 3,775
Cumulative page views: 415,902 (27 July 2008 to 18 June 2009)
Weekly page views: 6,152
Cumulative page views: 153,550(23 July 2008 to 18 June 2009)
Original knol - http://knol.google.com/k/narayana-rao/websites-blogs-and-knol-article/2utb2lsm2k7a/ 1317

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